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Can you spot the repeater site from here?

The Appalachian Amateur Radio Group, or "AARG" may be better know for "the Pine Grove Repeater", with it's rich family based history. Formally organized in 1991, has actively supported the amateurs of the emergency communications / public service community from our beginning.

Our members are spread throughout our primary coverage area which includes portions of Berks, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Schuylkill, and York Counties, in Pennsylvania, and beyond.

For legal purposes we can be reached at:

AARG, Inc.
650 Poplar St.
Lebanon, PA 17046

Then Till Now

This site is a living testament to those that made AARG what it is today, and to those that carry us on. It's evolution is solely dependent on what others with remembrance can share.

Banging my head

Here and Forward

Our Board of Directors

President * Wilson Hein, WJ3G
Trustee * Wilson Hein, WJ3G
Secretary Pro Temp * Wilson Hein, WJ3G
Vice President * Robert Sanborn, AB3GF
Treasurer * David Brandt, WA3GPM
Director * Gary Wolfe, N3ICS
Director * David Reed, N3OGS
Director * Tom Wiest, N3UWS
Director * John Hess, K3KNT
Director * Tim Zimmerman, WB3HBX
Director * Phil Keller, N3KNH
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Our members may participate with, or may be a member of any of the following organizations.