AARG Net Preamble

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Operators Note: This preamble is provided strictly as a guideline. Please feel free to modify it as needed, or request charges by sending an email to info at aa3rg dot org.
Reminder: PLEASE remember to acknowledge every check in! And leave adequate time for breaking, and EchoLink stations.


Calling all radio amateurs to the Appalachian Amateur Radio group information net. This net meets every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM. local time, on this repeater, which has a frequency of 146.04 MHz input and 146.64 MHz output, with a PL tone of 82.5 Hz..

The repeater is located in south central Pennsylvania, northeast of Harrisburg at the intersection of Route 645 and the Appalachian trail, near the Berk's and Schuylkill county lines.

You don't have to be a member of this group to check in, and all licensed operators are invited to participate.

This is a DIRECTED NET and all information will be passed at the direction of "Net Control".

This evening your net control is myself and my call is ____________. My name is ____________ and I am located in the town of _______________.

AARG holds monthly meetings on the third Thursday of the month with the exception July and August or if canceled due to inclement weather, at Heisey's Diner along Route 72 north of Lebanon at 6:30 PM.

We also sponsor a breakfast gathering held at Esters Restaurant on Route 22 east of Fredericksburg on the second Saturday of the month at 7:00 AM. If in doubt put out a call on 64 to see if anyone is heading to the event your attending.

I'll now stand by for Stations with EMERGENCY, PRIORITY, or TIME LIMITED information.
This is net control __________. (Hearing none) ??????

I'll now stand by for Stations that are MOBILE, or PORTABLE.
This is net control __________. (Hearing none) ??????

I will now call for check-ins, using a roll call list, starting with A, K, N, and W. When checking in, please indicate whether you have TRAFFIC, or INFORMATION to list. New check-ins please give your name, and location so we can add you to the roll call list.

Starting with A-Calls. (Call list)
Are there any other A-calls wishing to check in? Please call now.

On to the K-Calls. (Call List)
Are there any other K-calls wishing to check in? Please call now.

Now, the N-Calls. (Call List)
Are there any other N-calls wishing to check in? Please call now.

Finally, the W-Calls. (Call List)
Are there any other W-calls wishing to check in? Please call now.

I will now take A Standby for any NEW or LATE check-ins, with any prefix. Please call now.

( Call for Information --NOW-- )

I will now take a standby for any additional, or late check-ins.
This is net control ________________. (Hearing none) ??????

I would like to thank everyone who checked in this evening.
I will now close the net, and return the repeater to regular amateur use.
73, This is ______________ OUT

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